Drafting / CAD

The Drafting/CAD program provides students with an overview of the Mechanical and Architectural design industry. Students are introduced to sketching, geometric construction, orthographic projection, 3D solid modeling, shading/rendering, architecture, interior design and the building construction trades. Career paths in design, architectural and mechanical fields are explored throughout the curriculum. Instruction incorporates presentation, demonstration, and hands on performance testing with the opportunity to utilize multiple 3D printers.

Career Opportunities (Entry Level):

  • Civil Drafter
  • Detail Draftsperson
  • Technical Illustrator

With Experience or Advanced Training:

  • Project Cost Estimator
  • Urban Planner Designer
  • Structural Engineering Technician

Related Fields/Occupations:

  • Architectural Engineer
  • Research & Development Director
  • Electrical Engineer


Thomas McGrath

Lead Drafting / CAD Instructor

Email: tmcgrath@bluehills.org

Michael Sheehan

Drafting / CAD Instructor

Email: msheehan@bluehills.org