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  • BHR Students Join in Teen Speak Out on May 2

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BHR Students Join in Teen Speak Out on May 2

On Thursday May 2nd, a diverse group of BHR students participated in an all-day Teen Speak Out. Teen Speak out is a student-led, unique experience for high school students to come together to have real and authentic discussions about themselves and their community. Our students spent the day stepping out of their comfort zones and taking risks to get to know each other and engage in conversations about ways to improve their school community. Our trained student facilitators used leadership skills to foster an environment that was safe, inviting, and productive. At the end of the day, the students were able to use what they had learned from each other to generate and share ideas for ways in which they can help to bring their school community together and carry what they learned beyond just this one day. Here are just a few things some of the participants had to say about Teen Speak out afterwards:

“There is not a single person in this school who doesn’t have a story like mine.”

“It is awesome. You get to talk to people you never thought you would talk to and open up and express your feelings and thoughts to others. You get to be supportive of others’ opinions and just be you without being judged.”

“It is a day to learn how to be a constructive person, to help others, help yourself, and help the community.”

“The most life-changing experience of my high school years.”

Text by Alanna DeMorat

Photo by Judy Bass

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