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  • Prom Details - Friday, May 31, 2019 / Yankee Candle details

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Prom Details - Friday, May 31, 2019 / Yankee Candle details

Prom Details

  • Friday May 31st

    • Indian Pond Country Club

      • Kingston, MA

    • 6-10 pm

      • Doors close at 6:30 for dinner so make sure you plan accordingly and for traffic. Students will not be allowed in after 6:30 and dinner will be served promptly thereafter.

      • There is no assigned seating so if you want to choose a table with your group of friends get there early

    • Due to construction at the school there is no Grand March that seniors will be required to attend

    • Tickets cost $75 per person

      • Will go on sale approximately 3 weeks before prom (ticket sale dates TBA)

      • Can buy at lunches--CASH ONLY

      • If you sell Yankee Candle must buy tickets directly from Mrs. Connolly .

      • No tickets will be sold after the final day because the venue needs a final count for food (ticket sale dates TBA). THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.

        Yankee Candle Details

        • Important dates

          • Sale starts: 3/25

          • Sale ends: Monday 4/8

        • Profits

          • If you plan to go to prom all profits will go to you

            • 40% of your sales will go to reducing the price of up to 2 tickets

            • One free ticket: need to sell $190 in Yankee Candle items

            • Two free tickets: need to sell $380

              • You cannot earn more than 2 free/reduced price tickets

            • Reduced price ticket

              • 40% of whatever you sell is bapplied to your ticket

              • For example if you sell $100 (40%=$40) so the price of one ticket would be reduced by $40

          • Any profits that are not used will go directly to your class for prom, senior field day, class events, etc.

        • Online sales
          • You can sell to family and friends online (directions attached)
            • Make sure they put the student name down as they are buying and checking out so that when I get the order information I know who to apply the profits to
        • Orders
          • Orders should be into the school before Mother’s Day (beginning to middle of May)



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