A message from Principal Zini

Good Evening,

Earlier this afternoon, Blue Hills' administration was made aware of a video posted on social media attributed to a BHR student that many found offensive and hurtful. A number of students let us know about the video and their concerns around the content.

We are investigating the video. Blue Hills is not immune from the tensions in our nation right now. As Ms. Rossetti said earlier this week in her email to students, "We have an opportunity to create positive, lasting change that will unify our students, faculty, and families through our common mission and goals... (we) remain committed to justice, equity, tolerance, humanity, life balance and the protection of our students."

I am deeply saddened that the hurt and injustice in our world, our nation, and our community exists. Our counselors remain available for anyone who would like to talk through or discuss these important issues.

Thank you to those who have reached out about this specific incident and for caring so much about your school, your classmates, and our community. I hope that each of you will commit to spreading positive messages as we move forward.


Geoff Zini