English Language Learner Program

Blue Hills Regional Technical School welcomes and celebrates the linguistic and cultural diversity of our student body. We appreciate the unique contribution that each English Language Learner (ELL) makes to enrich our learning environment and are committed to ensure that each student in our learning community has equal access to all educational opportunities.

English Language Education Program Goals

  1. To develop the English language proficiency and academic achievement of English Language Learners.
  2. To facilitate adjustment of ELLs to the new culture. 
  3. To promote appreciation for diversity in the school community.

How We Will Accomplish These Goals

  • Shelter content instruction for ELLs in mainstream classes
  • Provide English language development and academic support to ELLs as needed in pull out or inclusion setting
  • Create a learning environment which validates all students
  • Integrate cultural awareness in to the curriculum
  • Have ELL staff serve as liaisons between the ELL and the classroom and content area teachers¬†
  • Promote communication between the school administration and the families of English language learners.