Principal's Blog


Principal Jill Rossetti lived in Boston’s Mattapan neighborhood until she was 5, when her family moved to Stoughton.  A 1988 graduate of Stoughton High School, she attended the University of Massachusetts in Boston intending to become a teacher.  Ms. Rossetti student taught in English, became a part-time writing lab specialist at Blue Hills from 1993 to 1995, then was hired at the school as a full-time instructor in Computer Information Systems and Networking while earning a master’s degree in education at night.  She held that position until 2000.  Ms. Rossetti left Blue Hills for five years and switched gears to be a trainer in information systems and eventually returned to teaching. After her daughter, Sophia, was born in 2005, she was hired back in her former position as a Computer Information Systems and Networking instructor at Blue Hills. 

In 2009, Ms. Rossetti became the school’s Academic Coordinator for five years, all the while taking classes and garnering professional credentials that prepared her to be Principal.  Ms. Rossetti has clearly-defined priorities for Blue Hills.  “The main goal is students and safety first,” she said, “because we’re a vocational school.  My second goal would probably be to maintain and improve our reputation as a great technical high school.  My third goal is school-wide literacy – reading, writing and thinking – to prepare students for when they leave here for college or work.”  Concerning her aims for herself, Ms. Rossetti said, “I think my goal is to improve situations, find solutions to problems, and move forward.”