Mission and Goals

Our vision for the Blue Hills Regional Technical School is to be the premier secondary-level technical training and college-preparatory institution in the state of Massachusetts.  In keeping with industry standards and emerging technologies, we aim to increase our leadership in the development of world-class Career and Technical graduates who are highly sought for both employment and higher education.

Mission Statement

Blue Hills Regional Technical School's mission is to continue its history of academic achievement, technical training and character development through a curriculum which emphasizes the integration of cutting-edge technical programs and challenging academic courses; enabling its students to become competent, caring and productive people in a diverse and changing world.


  1. Provide quality technical education programs to all students.
  2. Challenge each student to achieve their highest academic potential.
  3. Support the physical, social and emotional well-being of students.
  4. Provide a safe school environment.
  5. Cultivate a positive school climate.
  6. Provide quality professional development activities for faculty, support staff and administrators.
  7. Maintain or expand student enrollment.
  8. Maintain buildings, grounds and facilities.
  9. Foster linkages with the business community.
  10. Meet the diverse learning needs of all students within the regular-education setting.