School Council 2016-17

School Council 2016-17

School Council      
Principal                                               Jill Rossetti
Students                             1st Year   Briana Martinez
                                              1st Year   Robert O'Connell
                                              1st Year   Jessica Marmolejos
Parents                              1st Year     Stephen Bonanno

                                             1st year     Kim Lynch

                                             1st year     Julie McKee



Teachers                           1st year

                                             1st Year    Kristy Littlehale  

                                             2nd Year   Richard Cleggett


Community Members

                                           1st Year         Stacy Dixon

                                           1st Year         Melissa Healey

School Council is an organization put together by the School Principal, required by
G.L. c 71, 59C. This Council is asked to adopt and work on educational goals for the school consistent with school committee policies and the Board of Education’s standards, including student performance standards. Some items which are usually discussed by the Council are the Program of Studies, School Discipline Policies and the School Improvement Plan. Should anyone like to be involved with the School Council in the future, please contact the school.

Meeting Dates: Tuesdays, 5:30-6:30 pm in the Chateau