“Fueling the Fire”: Blue Hills Regional Grad Jennifer Rose Keany ’07 of Holbrook is the Picture of Success as a Professional Photographer

Jennifer Rose Keany

By Judy Bass

Being a photographer is not an easy job but it is certainly is a rewarding one.  Just ask Jennifer Rose Keany of Holbrook, who has made it (especially fashion photography) her profession – one that she obviously loves, has an immense natural flair for, and excels at.

At 26, Keany’s list of credits is already impressive.  Her work has been published in magazines in New York, Canada, Boston, the United Kingdom, and by Vogue Italia online; her clients have included NASCAR and Staples; and Keany earned creative photographer honors in 2012 and 2013 at the Boston Fashion Awards.

She is among 70 local artists whose work is on display at Discover Quincy’s Pop Up Art Gallery, which is part of the 50 Days of Freedom Program Series. The gallery’s final night is Friday, July 31.  Located at 64 Ross Way, it is open to the public from 6-10 pm.  Admission is free.

The fashion photos on Keany’s web site,, showcase her mastery of color, lighting, and other key elements that bring out the mystique of her subjects, who are professional male and female models.  Keany is a virtuoso at conjuring up moods of sensuality, playfulness, exotic allure, or whatever is the necessary emotional backdrop for that particular assignment.

It all began for her at Blue Hills Regional Technical School in Canton, where she studied cosmetology.  Attending Blue Hills “was a way to get a trade under my belt,” she explained. Although her career path led her in another direction after she graduated in 2007, Keany said she benefited from having her cosmetologist’s license because she can expertly pinch-hit if a hairdresser or makeup artist doesn’t show up for one of her fashion shoots.  Some states, she said, will not even allow a photographer to do a model’s hair or makeup without a cosmetologist’s license, so it’s a helpful credential.

“It’s nice to have that skill,” Keany noted.  “I could be a one-man band.”

By the time she was in her senior year of high school, her nascent interest in photography was asserting itself.  Keany had a point-and-shoot camera and she started taking classes in black-and-white film after school at Massasoit Community College, right next door to Blue Hills.  In addition, a school friend of hers showed her the intricacies of Photoshop, the versatile software that is widely used to work with digital photos.

There was no mistaking Keany’s affinity for what she was learning.  “I just fell in love with the process,” she declared.

Keany stayed at Massasoit for a year taking random art and business classes before she enrolled in a two-year program at the New England School of Photography in Boston.  The next few years were hectic and productive for her.

Keany graduated in 2010, freelanced for a couple of years, did photography for a modeling agency in Boston, worked for Fuzion Magazine in New York (a trendy publication about music, fashion, celebrities, and lifestyle news geared to “the urban woman”), shuttled back and forth between Boston and Manhattan, and even did some dog walking on the side.

She then landed a gig as an image specialist at Staples, the office supply chain, working on their web site, ads, and catalog.  Today she calls it “a great learning experience.”

Now, Keany is globetrotting to far-flung places such as Italy, Iceland, and Norway, along with taking jaunts to domestic locales like Pennsylvania, Florida, and Vermont, as she shifts her focus to doing landscape photography, florals, and travel photography.

As for her own role models in the industry, Keany admires the late, legendary Richard Avedon, whose idiosyncratic celebrity portraits and fashion photography pushed the traditional boundaries of the medium, as well as British-born Lara Jade, a New York-based fashion photographer whom Keany calls her “absolute favorite.”

“There’s a lot of greats out there,” she acknowledges.

Keany may someday join their ranks.  For the moment, she says she wants to produce work that people can relate to.

This soft-spoken, self-effacing young woman intends to keep perfecting her craft every step of the way.

‘There’s always something to learn.  One of the greatest teachers in life is my art.  You just have to keep shooting and going toward what is pulling you and fueling the fire.”












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Continuing Education for Fall 2015 – Enrollment is now open for classes

Thank you for showing interest in our adult continuing education classes here at Blue Hills. Enrollment has opened for our September classes. To view the courses and or to enroll just click the link www.learnmorebhr.comclick catalog and browse the courses. If you find one or more that you like, add them to your cart and pay on the way out. Feel free to forward this e-mail to friends and family. Many great courses are available for new graduates who may not have gone off to college. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at the e-mail address below. 
Sign up quick, classes are just around the corner. Take a class for enjoyment, to better your skills or to get a look at a career change. They all look good on a resume. Just go to and browse through the courses. Have questions, just call or email the numbers below.
If you don’t see a course you would like, email me with your suggestion.
We have added some new classes – 4 culinary classes which include a ServSafe program, a program for 11-14 year olds, and two adult cooking programs.
Thank you,

Dwight Seaman

Continuing Education Coordinator
Blue Hills Regional Technical School
800 Randolph Street
CantonMA. 02021
fax:       781.828.0794
cell:    339-237-8316
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Practical Nursing Teas V Entrance Exam and Information Session dates






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BHR Practical Nursing Program Holds 25th Annual Commencement

The Blue Hills Regional Practical Nursing Program Class of 2014 waits for Commencement to begin on June 25, 2014.  Photo by Judy Bass.

By Judy Bass

The Postgraduate Practical Nursing Program at Blue Hills Regional Technical School in Canton held its 25th Annual Commencement at the school on Wednesday, June 25 for the following 36 students in the Class of 2014:

Tosin Adebanjo, Norwell; Stephanie Baker, Whitman; Allison Beale, Whitman; Joecilena Brandao, Brockton; Lauren Burke, Braintree; Lisa Cirignano, Braintree; Ana DaRosa, Brockton; Sheila Derolus, Holbrook; Izabela Duggan, North Providence; Erin Ekbom, Plymouth; Jorge Enriquez-Diaz, Brockton; Jean Lucien Fontaine, Brockton; M. Christine Gagnon, Stoughton; Diana Hernandez, Quincy; Caraley Joseph, Brockton; Joyce LaJeunesse, Canton; Faurie Lamousnery, North Attleboro; Terri Mahoney, Braintree; Gabrielle Mancuso, Norwood; Stephanie Manikas, Rockland; Cara Marquardt (Hulse), Halifax; Robert McPhilemy, Canton; Eva Ngotho, Taunton; Janelle Noonan, Brockton; Caroline Onuegbu, Stoughton; Donna Pinciaro, Norwood; Katja Pione, Weymouth; R. Michael Riendeau, Dorchester; Aija Robinson, Braintree; Jean Rogene, Brockton; Frederick Rohrer, Rockland; Kristen Schurman, Foxboro; Michael Sullivan, Attleboro; Ashley Taylor, Brockton; Patrick Whittaker, Milton; Jordan Wilkes, East Taunton.

The Master of Ceremonies was Ms. Anne Marie Fortin, RN, Chairperson of the Practical Nursing Program.  The presentation of pins to the graduates was done by Practical Nursing faculty members Ms. Marie DiBlasi, RN, Ms. Nancy Finnell, RN, Ms. Catherine Mohan, RN, Ms. Paula Haddad, RN, Ms. Betty Tangney, RN, Ms. Ruth Murphy, RN, and Ms. Paula Winskowicz, RN.

Mr. Aidan G. Maguire, Jr. of Canton, Chairman of the Blue Hills Regional District School Committee, said in his opening remarks that “Few callings are as important as caring for your fellow human beings when they are sick or injured.  Your new profession requires many virtues – patience, compassion, sound judgment, wisdom, and physical and emotional stamina.   You made it to this point because you have all of those qualities, plus the strong desire to make your dream of being a practical nurse come true.”

The keynote speaker was Ms. Brenda Smith-Burke, RN, formerly an instructor in the program.  She told the graduates, “This is your night.  You’ve earned it and worked for it.  Tonight is an ending and tomorrow is a new beginning.”

Also present was Ms. Marybeth Joyce, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, who assisted Mr. Maguire with presenting certificates of proficiency to the 36 graduates of the Practical Nursing Program.

There were several awards for outstanding achievement given out to the following individuals:

The WILFRID J. SAVOIE GENERAL EXCELLENCE AWARD For best exemplifying those characteristics sought in the Practical Nurse, notably clinical excellence, scholarship and a deep commitment to nursing, presented to Ana DaRosa and Kristen Schurman

The CLINICAL EXCELLENCE AWARD For best exemplifying those characteristics sought in the Practical Nurse, notably clinical excellence and a deep commitment to nursing, presented to Joecilena Brandao, Erin Ekbom, and Donna Pinciaro

ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Recognized and honored for her determination to succeed and her exceptional growth in the role of the Student Practical Nurse, presented to Ashley Taylor

MOTIVATION AWARD For continued perseverance and professional growth in her role as a student nurse,presented to Mary Gagnon

MAUREEN MCCANN NIGHTINGALE AWARD For demonstrating a high level of motivation and perseverance as a student practical nurse.  Recognized and honored for an uncommon determination to succeed and the ability to uphold professional standards, thereby demonstrating a deep commitment to nursing, presented to Sheila Derolus

LEADERSHIP AWARD For demonstrating the ability to motivate and inspire others through his leadership qualities of honesty, respect, responsibility and commitment to others, presented to R. Michael Riendeau

FACULTY AWARD Dedicated to a student for outstanding commitment, motivation and positive attitude in the role of Practical Nurse in both the academic and clinical areas, presented to Robert McPhilemy

The Postsecondary Practical Nursing Program at Blue Hills Regional Technical School is offered to adults on a full-time basis for 40 weeks from September to June, Monday through Friday from 7:45 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.  Clinical hours may vary to accommodate clinical agency availability. The Practical Nursing Program offers a rigorous educational experience of theory and clinical practice which prepares graduates to take the NCLEX-PN (National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nursing) through the State Board of Registration in Nursing.  For more information, please visit and go to the Practical Nursing tab on the home page, or call 781-828-5800 x231.





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Send an email to Culinary Arts teacher Richard Spada at or to get daily menus and news of special events and closings.

The Chateau now accepts credit and debit cards.

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Our email is

We look forward to serving you!

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NEW – 2014 X2 Aspen portal letter – IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ

X2 access letter click here for document

Blue Hills Regional Technical School provides access to student records through the X2 Aspen Student Portal.  The portal allows parents and guardians to log in 24/7 from anywhere with Internet access and see current information about their child’s grades, attendance, schedules and contact information.


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