Flowers for sale at Graduation to benefit SADD

There will be lovely bouquets for sale by SADD at Graduation.  Proceeds benefit SADD.

Prices are as follows: One dozen roses are $25

                                       Bouquets are $20

                                       Blue/green and white carnations are $10

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National Honor Society inducts ten new members

Left to right, seniors Bridget Kelley (Secretary), Cameron Lyons (Vice President) and Ava VonFyler (President) at the National Honor Society induction ceremony on May 8.

Photo by Judy Bass

By Judy Bass

 Ten students were inducted into the William A. Dwyer Chapter of the National Honor Society at Blue Hills Regional Technical School in Canton on May 1 in a moving ceremony featuring symbolic rituals and heartfelt speeches from two faculty members.

The new inductees include juniors Alyssa Campbell (Randolph), Myle Hally (Randolph), Brittney McCormack (Braintree), Szymon Plebaniak (Avon), and sophomores Alissa Carey (Randolph), Jack Hulme (Canton), Joe Nee (Canton), Daniel Obichie (Randolph), Joyce Quach (Canton), and Andrew Wharton (Braintree).

Each of the NHS officers spoke about one of the qualities a student must demonstrate to become an NHS member – scholarship, leadership, community service and character – and lit a candle in tribute to each one.

The school’s NHS officers are President Ava VonFyler (Holbrook), Vice President Cameron Lyons (Canton), Treasurer Taisha Cotard (Randolph), Secretary Bridget Kelley (Avon), and Historian Patrick O’Connor (Holbrook).

Teacher Rebecca Ray spoke to the new inductees, the current NHS members and the audience about what she believes her role is as Blue Hills’ NHS advisor.

“My goal is not lofty…it is simple…to reach at least one of you,” said Ray.  “That is my only goal.  Because that is all it takes to make a difference in this world…a single person.”

She concluded, “I hope I have been a person that has helped to make a difference in your lives so that each of you can make a difference in mine.”

Spanish teacher Ana Peach was this year’s keynote speaker as chosen by the NHS members.  She began her speech about the four key NHS characteristics with a touching gesture – producing a photo of her late father.  “He had a tremendous desire for me to be a teacher,” Peach said, “and I didn’t become one until several years after his passing.”

Speaking of the new members’ induction and what is distinction it is for them, Peach said, “This is the beginning of commitments toward greater and bigger accomplishments.  This door has opened for you and now you must step through it and commit to the rest of the journey with more devotion and tenacity than it took to get you here.”

Getting back to her father, Peach said, “If he were here today, he would be extremely proud that I was invited to speak and to all of you for your accomplishments since he loved young people and cherished education…He is my hero!”

Peach ended her remarks by telling the NHS members something that no one could disagree with: “Once again I congratulate you…you are the cream of the crop, the best of the best.”

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Neponset Valley and Canton Rotary Clubs honor Blue Hills Regional students

Student Kara Dentler receives a $1,000 scholarship from Jack Hoell, President of the Neponset Valley Rotary Club.  Photo by Judy Bass

By Judy Bass

The Neponset Valley Sunrise Rotary Club, which is based in Dedham, recently gave nine Blue Hills Regional Technical School students awards in honor of their capability, leadership, and promise for the future at a breakfast and ceremony in the school’s student-run restaurant.

Two additional awards, a RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) that went to sophomore Sean McDonagh of Canton, and a $500 scholarship for senior Cameron Lyons of Canton, came from Canton Rotary.  Its President, Jeremy Scott, attended with one Canton Rotary member.

The parents of the student honorees were present, as were Rotary members and Blue Hills Regional administrators and staff, including Superintendent James P. Quaglia, Principal Jill Rossetti, Dean of Students Thomas Cavanaugh, Academic Director Geoffrey Zini, Director of Vocational Programs Frank Howley, Neponset Valley Rotary member and Coordinator of Cooperative Education Kim Poliseno, Lead Guidance Counselor Sarah Titus, and Communications Specialist Judy Bass, who organized and emceed the event.

The Neponset Valley Rotary awards went to the following students: seniors Christopher Bartorelli (Randolph), Jeffrey Cimmino (Braintree) and Jessica Politano (Holbrook) received $1,000 scholarships; seniors Anthony Ciraolo (Braintree), Kara Dentler (Holbrook), Jamia Fernanades (Holbrook), and Anthony Ventosi (Randolph) received $250 career assistance awards to purchase tools or other equipment they will need for their career; and sophomores Molly O’Leary (Holbrook) and Corron Wilson (Randolph) received RYLA awards for tuition-paid trips to a leadership conference.

Each student honoree was given a certificate representing his or her award by either Neponset Valley Sunrise Rotary President Jack Hoell or Canton Rotary President Jeremy Scott.

The students all made brief presentations describing their future plans.  They expressed their tremendous gratitude to Rotary for their generosity and for recognizing their potential.

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Two BHR students earn bronze medals in Web Design at State SkillsUSA Conference

Liam Corbett, left, and Jeffrey Cimmino are jubilant about winning medals at the State SkillsUSA Conference.  Photo by Joann Murphy.

By Judy Bass

Two students from Blue Hills Regional earned bronze medals at the SkillsUSA State Leadership and Skills Conference held from April 30-May 2 in Marlborough, Mass.  Twenty-eight Blue Hills Regional students competed.

Seniors Jeffrey Cimmino of Braintree and Liam Corbett of Holbrook earned their medals in the category of Web Design.

SkillsUSA is a national organization for vocational students which helps them develop their abilities in their chosen technical area, along with good citizenship, poise, a strong work ethic and an appreciation of individual efforts, as well as teamwork.  SkillsUSA is particularly well-known for the competitions it sponsors at the local, district, state and national levels at which students can vie with their peers to receive gold, silver, or bronze medals for achievement.

“All the students who attended the SkillsUSA State Competition and Conference worked extremely hard to prepare and compete on Friday, May 1,” said Blue Hills’ SkillsUSA Chapter Advisor Robert Foley. “The Blue Hills students keep working hard and preparing to go back and compete another day.  That was the case with Jeffrey and Liam in the Web Design competition.  They never gave up on their vision to place at the State Competition, and their hard work and efforts came to fruition. This is great example that represents all of the participants here at Blue Hills Regional.”

“SkillsUSA has been a major influential part of my high school career,” said Cimmino.  “Skills has jump-started my resume with the help of the Fall State Leadership Conference, and the State Skills and Leadership Conferences.  I would certainly not have excelled at Web Design if it wasn’t for the Skills Conferences being my motivation to practice more and more, and I hope for more students to actively participate in Skills Conferences in the future.”

Corbett agreed that the experience was enjoyable as well as valuable. “We had a great time and spent a while trying to figure out how to approach our competition. We’re super satisfied to have figured it out, but we wished we had another opportunity for the gold. The trip itself was marvelous and we encourage anyone to try Skills up to the state level. It’s a major confidence boost and a load of fun.”

The school is grateful to the faculty members who assisted and prepared the students for SkillsUSA, including Robert Foley and chaperones Joann Murphy, Heather Irber and David Tapper.

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Pat Ronca ’15 aces electrical exam given by US Dept. of Labor

Pat Ronca in the electrical program.  Photo by Judy Bass

By Judy Bass

Patrick Ronca of Braintree, a senior in the electrical program at Blue Hills Regional Technical School in Canton, recently passed a demanding and multi-faceted examination administered by the US Department of Labor that tests various abilities that are requisites for workers in the electrical profession.

According to Ronca and one of his teachers in Blue Hills’ electrical program, Jerry Sass, the areas covered by this exam included reading comprehension, math word problems, numerical aptitude, spatial aptitude, and motor coordination.

Sass said that Ronca was the first student he has had in his 18 years at Blue Hills who has passed this test.

Sass added that 60 to 75 per cent of those who take it don’t pass.

Ronca, who excelled in all categories of the test, modestly said he didn’t anticipate doing so well on it.  He called it “fairly easy.”

Ronca said he is looking forward to graduating from Blue Hills in June and getting a job with Local 103 (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) “and work[ing] my way up from there.”

His high test score qualified Ronca to be interviewed by Local 103 on April 24.  He expects to learn the results of that interview in June.







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Early Education Center now accepting registrations for Sept. 2015 enrollment

The Early Education Center at Blue Hills Regional Technical School is now accepting registrations for September enrollment. The center offers a high quality, model preschool program, Tuesday-Friday from 8:30-11:30 for children ages 2 years 9 months to kindergarten. Please call: 781-828-5800 X 295 or email:

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